Can someone Photo Render my finals project for me?

Hey, can someone with Solidworks make photo render of my final year project for school? I’d do it myself, but I think either SW Educational or my laptops graphic card limits me from using Photoview360.
Thanks in advance

Also the software attached isn’t AutoCAD, it’s Solidworks. Mobile site on this won’t let me change.

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if you can put the model up on GrabCad against your profile as preferably as a step file along with details of any materials colours and other preferences, I for one will produce some Keyshot renderings, which I can send back to you or attach to this page, whatever suits. I am sure there are others here on grabCad who will do the same

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send me that file as a .STEP file.. :)

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Trying to realview hack my intel gpu. All going well
I should be able render on my laptop if i can somehow find the limits for it!

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