Can someone tell what's the best file format for publish here my work but keep it my and safe?

I want to publish my work here with 3d render, for get comments and opinions about my work, but can I keep it safe and my?
I would like to know what kind of file could do this.

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I agree with Özgür kesebir
it all depends on you to share, there is no limit to creativity world. do not be afraid of all safe in grabcad.


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Renders with your name on it for renders. As far as 3D files go I would say 3D PDF or E Drawing files as they can be viewed by only with a free viewer but they cannot get the CAD info to print the file or sell the design. GrabCAD's 3D viewer does not support these for viewing in the the web browser but I think any file that can be viewed the CAD data can be retrieved. If you have a SW assembly file, you can upload the assembly file without any of the parts and the 3D viewer in the browser can view the file but it would be useless else wear.

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Stephen is correct. I use CATIA's CGR files, which cannot be reverse engineered or even measured

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STEP is hardly safe from those that want your IP

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