Can't figure out how to cut compound angle

I'm a high school student learning how to use solidworks and my teacher gave us a problem where we have to make a horizontal milling jig to cut out general cutting bits. So far he know what the bit looks like we just can't cut the compound angle required on the bit.

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An alternative method is to insert a Plane and use an Extruded Cut

Answered with a tutorial:

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both techniques work. however the fast and easiest with full control is too:

-insert sketch points (fully defined driven by dims)
-create a plane using the sketch points.
-insert, cut, ****hidden gem*** choose cut WITH SURFACE and choose the plane.

your compound angle is now cut, and can be controlled with your fully defined points and plane. Remembers planes are in a sense like a surface, meaning they lack thickness, hence why you can use a plane in CUT WITH SURFACE.

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