Can't make section view just in the middle

Hi guys! after the help of the community, (see: i was able to model this faucet.
Now, I have problems making the section view in the middle (right plane) of the part. The message it throws is: "The model could not be sectioned with the section line, please check the section line cuts through the model/component" I can't do this sectioning in either solid editing nor drawing section views.

I've read that the problem could be related to zero thickness geometry, I'm just not capable of finding the problematic spot.

One thing to notice is that this only happens if I activate the shell feature, if I disable it then I can section without problems.

Another curious things is that this also only happens if I want the section plane to be just in the middle. If I offset it 0.01mm, I can do the section.

I attach file for inspection.

I greatly appreciate any comments about it.

Best regards and thanks in advance!

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