Can’t open DWG file.

A friend brought a disc with the drawings, but I can not open them using AutoCAD. I do not even know what kind of CAD-system they were saved. AutoCAD must be able to open files with this extension DWG. But for some reason it is impossible to open them. Somebody help! Tried to open achicad - does not work, says the file is corrupt!

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4 Answers

Clean the disc with a cloth. Or copy the files to your computer and restore using AutoCAD. If It does not help read here:

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Do not use Cd's...."old stuff"
Why not send it via the internet....

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There are several methods how to try to open a corrupted AutoCAD drawing file.
Use the Recover command Open the file and press ESC key just before Regeneration/Error message, save to DXF, load, save as DWG, Audit Insert the complaining DWG as a block into an empty drawing
Open/save the DWG in an older version of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT or Actrix

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