Can't select and manipulate individual parts of an imported STEP file in 3ds Max

I can't seem to select and manipulate children of the root node of imported STEP files in 3ds max. The STEP file seems to import fine and looks fine but I'm having a tough time figuring out why I can't manipulate any of the parts within the hierarchy. No matter what I select, when I attempt to translate or rotate the object, it will only translate or rotate the entire hierarchy at its root. I'm a Maya veteran of 15 years but I need to have a functional workflow for rigging and animation of STEP files using Max and rendering with Vray.


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Have you tried ungrupping it?
On top bar, Group > Ungroup.
If you come from Maya, you may miss that!

I noticed that the new STEP importer by default imports the file hierarchy in a "group inception" form.

Anyone knows if there is an opton to get the dummy/locator hierarchy back?

NOTE: tried the other oprions of the importer, but none gave me the desired hierarchy

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