Can't Upload Files on GrabCAD From My ID ...Having Issues from Last Week

It Was Working Previously but Now i Can't Able to Upload Files on GrabCAD From my ID

Kush Desai

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3 Answers

I have heard of a couple of people that this is happening to them. Sometimes its just Grab Cad. give it a few minnutes and try again. If it still doesn't work contact one of Grab Cads people and let them know.

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Yes me too, tried 3 different pc's same problem !

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There is no good reason for upload to be unavailable for members for so long. We want to apologize and assure you that we have a plan to prevent this error from occurring in the future. The uploader is up and running again. Please retry your upload now if you haven't already. For more information, check out our blog post.

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