Can this part be made out of one piece of sheet metal?

What I have here is a stainless Steel lid to a wok or pan.

My question here is.
Can the part that I uploaded be made out of one piece of sheet metal?

Notice the lip or what I am calling a moisture gutter. I made this lid with the gutter be two parts. I don't think it could be made, then folded or bent to make the shape I need from one sheet.

But with the manufacturing process changing rapidly I'm hopping that someone here has some knowledge in this area.

Thanks for your time and most of all sharing your knowledge

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Think I was over explaining this.

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Incorporating the gutter into the lid might pose some problems for spinning as you'd have to fold the sheet back on itself.

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This can be done easily in a two part process. The lid can be spun or stamped depending on quanity, then the lip could be done on a bead roller. This is how a round charcoal grill cover is made. At 1:00 it shows the bead rolling process. Your lip would be rolled different from this, but it can be done this way.

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canning sealing machinery & spinning 2 parts or in to steps but the inner part tool is very complex and expensive!

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