Can we create a multi-body part in creo just like we do in CATIA?

In CATIA, we have the option to insert a separate part body in the same model which can be used for future boolean operations. Can the same be done in Creo? I have attached a sample image. I wanna know if this is possible in Creo SOLID Modeling.

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Yes it possible in “CREO ASSEMBLY”
We can insert a part body in same model
For future Boolean operations you can choose from dash board component placements
Example: you can see below attachment file (PFA)

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You can do with Creo Direct Modeling app, the same way you do multibody extrudes with a single sketch in Catia .

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If i am right, your question is all about creating a solid with fully constrained sketches in a plane and extruding a sketch at one and another one at a different parameters,right! PTC creo is a professional software. It is not required if you want your model to be parametric, right!. You can do it if it is a secondary operations like sweep, helical sweep,blend, or etc in PTC Creo by clicking details > rule based > partial loop...

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