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Can we extrude or pad a point in catia??

By Karthik Boya on 19 Jan 18:55 2 answers 3 comments

Hi, I know this sounds little odd. But I was puzzled with this question. A line can be extruded as well as pad can be given, but can we do the same to a point in catia, if NO, why?? I did try, but I was getting an error of standard geometrical element please change it to construction element. I want to understand why it is not possible if the answer is NO..

2 answers

  • soumya Bhattacharya
    soumya Bhattacharya 9 months ago

    Hi Karthik, I will try to explain it. You can only extrude a sketch which has some dimensions. When you are extruding a solid you have to make a closed sketch which has some finite area and no open ends. When you are extruding a line it will automatically change to surface extrude because a line does not have an area. In case of a point it has neither length, breadth and height and obviously no area.So it will not produce a result it has no dimension only you can place a point by its x and y position.that's the location or coordianates of a point nor its dimension. It cannot be extruded because it will not produce a finite result neither a solid nor a surface. Do you get my point?

  • Vijay Majukar
    Vijay Majukar 7 months ago

    Hi Karthik, you can create line by a point (ie. by extrude/pad/drag) in catia by using line definition (line type as: point-direction) in reference tool bar. please follow this tutorial you will come know.


    Catia_line _by_point_and_direction.mp4, 8.63 MB

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