can we have usage rights deceleration mandatory on upload?

It would be good if contributors could specify usage rights when they upload.

I'm guessing the majority of uploaders are happy for their work to be used in things like marketing, games, animations, etc....and probably would prefer to not keep answering emails about whether it's ok to use them?

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All of the current rules and usage rights are laid out on the GrabCAD terms of use page, though I do agree that there could be an additional step when uploading the model that would allow you to better express how others can use your uploads. I have a few uploads meant for others to use and completely see where you're coming from.

Current Terms of use for reference:

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I'm pretty sure people will download models and use them for any purpose regardless of the choices the creator makes when uploading a model.
It is also very difficult to enforce:
You: "Hey, you downloaded my GrabCAD model and are using it in a way that I do not approve of."
Them: "Nope. I bought this model from ChinaCAD for one bird token."

If I download a GrabCAD model and make improvements/changes to it? Does the original creator still own it? Do I now own it since I've modified it?

If I take measurements of an object, then make a detailed CAD model of the object, do I own the CAD data? Or does the object's manufacturer/designer have some say in what I can do with the data?

I doubt there are any easy answers to the question of ownership for digital files which are uploaded on a public site. My feeling is that it is best to assume anything posted online is no longer under my control.

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Agree with FredSWUG, if you willingly share it, then it will be practically belongs to the internet, you may get a like, that is it :)

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