can we make single part file in which we can show all assembly parts in NX7.5?

if i have one main assembly .prt and in that perticular folder i have many child members .now i want to show only single part file in which customer can see complete assembly.

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I don't think so though...but u could try another way!

Try to EXPORT your assembly file into IGES/STEP (can be done in NX itself), which will come out as a single file. Then your customer could use IMPORT (also in NX itself) IGES/STEP and all the file will convert back to NX assembly + part file. It will not take that long and not really a hassle.

If you are worried that the customer will not know how to IMPORT the file, then just Winzip/Winrar them.....

Under my account, I got a file for Rigid Clamp, which I did in NX. I export and upload an IGES format too. You could try with that to see whether u prefer using that method.

Good Luck!

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You could also just export a parasolid.

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export parasolid and save to other name

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Its called "create assembly" but all 'parts' must be in the appropriate 'directory'

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