can we render a rhino 5 cad model in hd image

I use rhino for making as well as rendering my cad models. The renders turns out to be nice for web but, for other things like presentations, my renders lack a crispness and quality. so, I wanted to know that can we make rhino renders in high definition? and is Yes, then How...

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It depends on what software are you using to make the renders. If you use the rhino's default render, you're gonna have a bad time because it has a very poor quality on materials, textures and environments.

I recommend you to use keyshot or Vray.

Some tips to improve the quality would be like:

Try to increase the image size (640x800 to 1920X900) or something like that.

Increase the subdivisions on your materials.

Use a correct ilumination setting on you render.

Hope this help.

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Hey, thank you César Juárez I have already started to use vray to render my cads and I would definatly try your suggestion.

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Keyshot is OK, but you can also try with Flamingo from McNeel.

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