Can we use pneomatic tubing for vacum system ??

We are going to use festo product for a vacum system and i didn’t find any tubings that are vacum application special .

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Some tubing is rated for vacuum use.
Try a site like and type vacuum tubing into the search bar.

It really depends on the amount of vacuum the tubing needs to hold. Vacuum rated tubing often has thicker walls, and is of a stiffer material. But, it is also available in a number of materials.
Part of the selection process will depend on the type of fittings you plan to use. Flared fittings, barbed fittings, compression fittings, push-to-connect fittings...

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Most vacuum rated tubing is rated to -100kPa or ~1 atmosphere but always check with the manufacturer.

Some other things you may want to consider when looking at materials are the operating temperatures, chemical and/or corrosive gas resistance,weather resistance, electrical conductivity (static is undesirable?), flexibility (tight routing)... the list goes on. That's why there are so many vacuum tubing materials on the market.

A bit more information about the application would be helpful in narrowing the list.

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You'll have to locate a local supplier.
The McMaster site will give you an idea of the materials an options available.

-.9 bar is -26.58 inches of mercury, or -13 PSI, so you are dealing with a pretty high vacuum. -.98 bar would be an absolute vacuum.
Given the high vacuum, I recommend using vacuum rated tubing.

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