Can you all give the basic design formulas for those who are new in this field?

This for the beginners in this filed. the problem which I also faced. After graduation because of job and other responsibilities the formulas goes out of mind. so please give all possible formulas, like
Torque Calculations, Motor selection, weight calculations, stress, strain etc...

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On which language? There exist a lot of manuals with a basic formulas and what I suggest is that you make a library for yourself. You can go on "" to find some manuals , or on "" -they have a lot of interesting stuff but on russian. You can use a "". For drawings and parts I found that a book titled" Technische Zeichnung" from Hoichen is best handy for designs - I have one from 1973 "paperback" and one in electronic issue -someone is scanned a version from 2006 year I think and there is a little difference between these two editions. Unfortunatelly this book is on german but "One picture is a worth as a 1000 words".
Good hunt for datas and informations.

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A good reference to find all basic formula you could need but forgoten I stringly suggest machinery handbook you cand find this a most online library or ebay for around 80$ US could seem a bit expensive, but don't worry this book is like a bible for mechanical engineer you won't regret buying it.

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Thanks for the answers.
I know how to get the references, I also have the reference books. But I am asking this question for the people who are just entering this field of designing. Where they will need the help of the designing techniques and the formula's to proceed their work.
If we all give this sets of formulas we all can use this online, from any where.

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Hummm... yes that would be usefull but would represent a massive work but there is a website that already classified most engineering formulas it is a very usefull online reference:

Hope this could represent somethingy ou are looking for !


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