Can you Cavity in CREO without having the Mold Package add on?

I would like to remove one part from another, just like using the cavity tool in Solidworks.

Can this be done without using the Mold package add on.

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The best way, which I know for this task is the following:

Put the the part what you would like to use for its surfaces for the mold in a blank assembly.
Then you should pick the desired surfaces (turn on the quilts filter) and select them, while you are holding down the "ctrl" button. After this you should click on the copy button. Then create a new part again in the assembly which should be empty. If it is ready, activate it and paste the geometry what you have putted on the clipboard. It is going to be a quilt.

If the above is ready, you will have the desired quilts right on the original geometry. So the last thing to do is to create a new part in assembly, which is going to be a cube around the previous quilt. You have to mind that, the quilt's edges should be completely outside from the cube.

The reason is that the solidify feature only works like that.

So the final job is to solidify this quilt, and you can select whether you want to use this quilt as a die, or as a punch.

I hope I was clearly understandable, if not please ask freely.

Good luck!

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