Can you guys please list a few freelancing sites where i can really sell 3D CAD models...and actually get paid

Can you guys please list freelancing sites where i can sell 3D models...

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You can create a shop for 3D Printing here:

You can start here and see how the response is. :)

Hope that helps.

The sites SolidTweaks listed are some of the top ones and sites that I would frequently browse through myself.

Another option could be to build up your GrabCAD portfolio, or any portfolio for that matter, and market yourself around the local community with sites such as Facebook, Craigslist, etc...

You could market yourself as a freelance mechanical engineer or whichever it is you prefer, and offer your expertise to anyone that may need some assistance or help.

Here would be an example of where to find people looking for help:

Obviously change up the location to fit your needs.

Best of luck! need be in company house

I am not freelancing, but have been hiring and found a lot of 3D designers and draftsmen at
If you are looking for opportunities, it is a worth a change and have a look.

According to this article:

People Per Hour
CG Trader