Can You Help? I'm pretty new with SolidWorks and I can't figure out why I'm not able to extrude this drawing?

I have drawn this shape three times and I am not able to extrude it. I'm sure it is something simple but I cannot figure out what I did wrong. Any help would sincerely be appreciated.

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Your drawing has an error in it, causing it to appear yellow, but I was able to get the part extruded regardless.

I think you might have had thin feature selected. Try un-clicking the box and see if that will resolve the issue.

All I did was download your part, un-select the "thin feature", and then extrude. Results are below:

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Thank you Mashi. I was able to finally extrude it but it did not leave the cut in the middle. I will draw the inside cut again and try to cut it out.

I am so much better with AutoCAD(2D) but I have been working at learning Solidworks (3D). Of course, I have worked with AutoCAD for many more years!

Thanks again!

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Mashi, I found he problem! I zoomed in tightly on each intersection and found two lines that did not intersect!

I really appreciate your help.

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For future use, there is a sketch checking tool in SOLIDWORKS.
I think it is Tools - Sketch Tools - Check Sketch for Feature.

It will highlight problem areas in the sketch which prevent it from being used for certain types of features.

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Thank you Fred! I'll be using it! :)

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