Can you help me with a complicated step file on CATIA V5?

A supplier send me a step file for a motor drive, when I opened it in CATIA it's made by many surfaces instead of a solid model. So I try to join the surfaces, but the error about Non convex result appears. Searching on internet, I need to trim some surfaces and/or create boundaries. I don't have many experience on generative shape desing and there are like 50 surfaces and it will take a lot of time to doing it. Is there an easy way to obtain a solid model in CATIA? maybe converting with another software? I need the solid model so I can add the correct weight.

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Hi friend!! I can not open your file to help you, when I open showing m,e some error, could you re-send me your model to, and I will try to help you.

If you want send me in release 20, its OK!!

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I would insert a new body for each component and then do the "close surface" for each component.
For the heat sink it works well, but at the green PCB it starts to get more complicated, as some surfaces are missing. You need to fill, trim and join to get a closed surface and then convert it to a body.

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