Can you show annotations on igs files in solidworks

Hello, i am a CNC Programmer and i was wondering if anybody knew how you could take imported models in solidworks (i.e. igs, stp, x_t) to show the annotations on the models. freecad does this fine but solidworks seems to strip these annotation off the models. Anyway i can prevent this from happening so i can see the annotations in Solidworks? Thanks

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1 Answer

An imported iges file won't have annotations in SolidWorks.
You could create reference dimensions, notes, and other types of annotations.
Or you could make a 2D drawing of the imported part, but again, you'd have to manually add in the annotations you need.

I open a lot of step, parasolid and iges files but I've never seen anything but colors get transferred. Do you have an example of a "dumb solid" that imports into Freecad with annotations? I'd be happy to import and look it over.

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