Cannot extract bom data from assembly

Some of the assemblies give the response "No components available for this file" when I try to view the BOM. I have tried pack and go but this does not work, other sldass files work fine and show the data. I have emailed GrabCAD and they told me use pack and go, besides that no other hotfixes are being worked on as the viewer is being updated. The only problem with that is they do not have an eta!

Has anyone else found a third party package that can extract BOM data for the models?

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I found a cloud based software call openbom, this can extract the bom from the SW model where grabcad did not.

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Just for a little added clarity:
Does the trouble seem to be in SolidWorks? Or, are you opening the SolidWorks assembly in a GrabCAD based viewer, and the problem seems to be there?

The most likely explanation (for a GrabCAD viewer failure) would be a change in SolidWorks version. If everything worked well with say 2016 SW files, then started to fail, it could be that the viewer is not reading SW2017, or even SW2018 files correctly.

Is there a specific file in the Library on GrabCAD which is not working? I can tell you what version it was last saved in.

The only other thing I can think that might help is:
Open the assembly in SolidWorks
Save it out as a Parasolid file
Import the Parasolid back into SolidWorks
See what the results are with the viewer.

It may not be a practical solution for problem, but only one step of troubleshooting.

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All the files come from 2017 and all open fine in the grabCAD viewer, the issue relates to viewing the BOM. Some of the assembly's show the BOM fine in the viewer but others show "No components available for this file" so it is unlikely to be a version problem.

I really need to access all the BOMs of the ass & parts but every 3rd party bit of software I have found only lets you view the model and not the ass tree and embedded data

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