Cant download cad files from GCAD!

when i joined this comunity i couldt download files from this website, but i dont know why, since some weeks i cant download any file anymore :(
when i click on a file, at the bottom a window pops off, and ask if i want to save "original.rar" file.
i click save, but then it says: "file could not be downloaded"
and in my downloadfolder there is a new "uncompleted download"
is there anybody with not just cad skillz, but it-skillz in general?
im always using internet explorer, i have this problem only on grab cad :(


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Have you tried with another web browser?

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hm no, wich browser you would suggest?

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I should have many kind of IT skills, since 1981. But this problem sounds somehow strange.

1) So You can download from other sites?
2) Is there anything that You can download from here? Just a render?

I have tried all browsers available. On my hardware GoogleChrome is the fastest. Also in GChrome I like that URL bar is also a search text box. I mean if the url is not found then it automatically does the search in normal Google window. Try it. If the problem continues send me private mail. I'll fix this just for curiosity.

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yeaayy! it wokrs! i installed google chrome and now i can download files from grab CAD again! thx a lot :D
seems like internet explorer had some problems with this site..
and btw, i like the search url box too, and i mentioned gc is also faster!
thx again! you really helped :))

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3) Win FireWall or Explorer security settings very very high?
4) What kind of Internet connection You have? Could it be a prepaid modem with some kind of limit of data transfer?
5) Virus scan?

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