Car Bumper in CATIA

Can anybody tell me how to make car bumper in CATIA??

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If you just want to make a kinematic simulation ...get into DMU is not difficulte to do ...but if you want to get a compliance resault is hardly to finish, unless your CATIA integrated a MBD software for example ADAMS.

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I have miss understandard your meaning, for a car front or rear bumper ....Genarally the outer surface come from scaned digital points from style design model or style design software such as alias or solid thinks.....we use converse method get the outer surface ,the DSE and QSR module will be used ..
after the outer surface finished , the structure design is begain , we will use the GSD module to finished it ...
at last return to part design module thick all of the surfaces to make them solid.......

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CATIA is a very nice platform with many advance options and user-friendly interface. Its interface is really good that’s why widely used by automobile firms to design auto parts.

Although you haven’t specified whether your question is about <a href="">front bumper</a> or rear bumper but you can refer to watch the process of both. Hope, it will help you out.

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