CATIA: Generative Shape design - Fill operation.

I am very beginner in Generative shape Design.
I have a problem with FILL Operation.
I attached a screenshot. I would like to create a surface between 2 existed surfaces and a line (I have marked it in green circle on a screenshot).
The problem is: When I click the edge on one of surfaces the whole surface is selected - so Fill operation has an error.
How can I select only one edge on this surface and complete Fill operation?
Thanks in advance.

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4 Answers

Maybe you can make a line to close the perfil or the triangle (this is the error show you, because you have not close the skecth to make the fill, after that you can select this sketch with the command fill and I dont think you have problems to make it. Please, if you will have the same error send me an email to,

Best Regards.

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another thing you can do, is click select the icon FILL, and type F1, is the catia help, here you can find out the index, with all the chapters include inside the catia's help.

Hope this help to solve your issue.

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Hi Hugo,
Thanks for an answer. Creating line to close a profile works. However I try to find an another solution. I am still looking for the answer how select only one edge.
I have attached second (better) example. Could You help?

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Hi zI3mbol, could you send me the model, in cat part, I would like to analyze your problem, I am using catia release 20, send me a copy, and I will help you.

have a good day!!

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