Catia How to check ergonomy

Hi! Can someone help with some tutorial of checking ergonomy for example of chair in CATIA?

Or alteast give me advice how to do one thing:
I heard that this is possible to use some option that will fit manikin for example in chair, using gravity. For example I made something like this and I want to make that manikin will fit on chair. Foots will directly lay on ground, arms on armrests etc automatically, not using manual control of manikin.

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3 Answers

There's absolutely no need of any tutorials. Just open up the human builder in ergonomics in catia and get started. Position the manikin you feel will be comfortable in sitting position and check if that position is possible for the chair you built.

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I want to check forces affecting on body parts in RULA analysis.
And to do this I think manikin should perfectly fit in chair.

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