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CATIA keyboard shortcuts

By Brylle on 12 Jun 11:33 4 answers 2981 views 0 comments

I already assigned L as line command. but if I press L nothing happens. need help. thanks

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  • Brylle
    Brylle over 4 years ago

    can't I just use L alone? I was able to set 'space' as hide/show command. is it possible to use L alone just like what I did to hide/show?

  • özgür kesebir
    özgür kesebir over 4 years ago

    Some keys has already used in Catia. If you push normal keys (like w, s, h, etc.) you will type them in command line. So nothing happens. You have to deactivate command line to use only single key for one command. I don't know how it will deactivate without Altgr. But altgr key is doing this. And if you combine key with Altgr everthing is ok :)

    If you find a way to deactivate command line or another way to do this, please notify me.

    KUMAR PRADEEP about 2 years ago

    please provide me shortcuts for catia

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