Catia Machining; Rough and Finish Pocketing

I am trying to use Catia's Machining Workbench (V5R18) to create a large pocket with a small detailed feature in the center. I'd like to complete it in 2 steps:
Step 1 Rough Pass: 10mm End mill to remove 95% of the material.
Step 2 Finish Pass: 2mm End mill to remove the remaining 5% material around the U-Shape and finish the Outer edges.

My problem is that, in Catia, I can't get the Machining Program to recognize that after Step 1, Step 2 does not have to re-machine the 95% of the material again. So, I end up with this huge tool path because the 2mm end Mill is trying to remove 100% of the material.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

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