catia (part design) any practice books are there(E-books) ???

i need to practice modeling in catia so i want any practice model design .

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if you want to practice CATIA follow my CATIA tutorial and videos

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Wichita State University


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Hey man, I'm learning Catia 2017 student edition now from free Ebooks and Dudeee I cant tell you how much it helps! check this out

And for a decent Author whose books my professor always had us use in university, I would go with Sham Tickoo. He is the best in Tutorial books and the books are not that expensive. Look at libraries or just buy a hard copy He periodically Updates all his CAD/CADIM books for every version of the software. Plus he gives you the free files to work alongside the lessons on his website! check him out!

Why am I not getting paid for this? hahahaha

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Just follow the tutorials provided by dassault systèmes on youtube.

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