CATIA says that mechanism can be simulated but it does not???

Hi folks,

I am designing a retractable solar panel, with about 223 elements and 290 joints, all the parts move. The size of the mechanis is about 10mx4m and the height is about 2,5m. The mechanism was designed to when it opens it also lift the solar panel, and when it is closed it brings down the solar painels. It is a little bit complicated moviment, but it was test in a smaller version and it worked perfectly (logically, the mechanism should also works). However, after to put all the joints, even though the CATIA affirms that "The mechanism can be simulated" (with the degree of freedom without the command 1, and with command zero, so everything is fine...), when I put it to simulate, simulation "Imediate" or "On request", it just does not move.

Can anybody with experience help me with this problem?

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1 Answer

Hey guys, thanks to be available and try to help. :)

I already fixed the problem. What was wrong was the decimal houses of the distance constraints. In CATIA, the default option is showing 3 decimal houses, but when you pass the mouse over the value in the toolbox where you can change this value, it shows until 8 decimal houses.

To change this, we can go in Tools -> Options -> General -> Parameters and Measure -> Units, and check "Same display for read/write numbers and read-only numbers" and increase to 8 (the maximum) the decimals places for read/write numbers.