Catia spline doesn't stay connected with the selected points


I'm trying to draw a spline thru points that ive loaded into catia with excel. When i try to create a spline thru these points, catia just draws a straight line. see figure for more detail. all points are selected to be used in the spline. Ive done the before without any problem. Does anyone know how to fix this issue ?

Thanks in advance.
kind regards, Sam

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I think your spline is ok and does pass through all the points - the problem is the graphics accuracy. (zoom-in to an area and see if the spline changes shape) Go to the display settings and adjust the performance/accuracy.

a similar problem:

Also, it looks like you have an airfoil shape that you're working with. You might want to break it up into 3 sections (top, leading edge, bottom). This will probably help the graphics, plus make it easier to fit surfaces through it.

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