Catia Student V5 6R2018 Windows 10 problem

Hoping that someone can help me here as I'm at a loss!

When I open Catia I get a dialog box that warns of "no warm start available", I "ok" this message then after this it hangs up and will not respond, is anyone else had this problem? I've tried re-installing, updating windows, running as admin, re-installing the license, none of which has made any difference!

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1 Answer

Try the following option:
1) Close the CATIA V5.
2) Open task manager
3) Go to details and find how many CNEXT.exe are running.
4) Kill all of them
5) Start the CATIA again.

Let us know what happens.
No warm start available comes up whenever there is a parallel CATIA already running. As it has occupied few resources, another CATIA is unable to find the free.

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