Catia to Iges, stp or prt ?

What are my best options for converting a catia file into iges or stp........I know the most logical answer would be ask someone with catia package but this is not possible. I currently used SW.......Anyone any ideas ?

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2 Answers

Just Open the part in Catia to which you want to convert into IGES or STP.
Go to FILE option in Menu Bar, Select save as, there you can see the option of file type under the file name. From there you can change the file type into IGS or STP.

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I also had that problem,i looked everwhere couldnt find a solution,i fortunately got acces to a catia package i had to go through 1200 part induvidually to open them in catia and then "save as" it to igs and then open them again in SW and "save as" again to .prt
i also found that to use the .igs files in another package like mastercam you need to save them as an .igs in SW again since in the other packages the conversion messes with the geometry (.ie the curves complete themselves so you get hoops all over the place)
sorry but i had to go through it the hard way, if you find an easier way please let me know!

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