CATIA V5 features suppressed convert

Hi all. I have been given CATIA V5 (not sure which build) models which i need to convert and create an animation from. I do not have CATIA but i tried importing the models into Delcam Powershape as well as Autodesk Inventor and they open. The problem i get is that some of the parts such as gears have no teeth on them.

I am not familar with CATIA at all so is this something that needs to be done on CATIA's end e.g alter something in the save options?
Also when saving CATIA files, is the geometry imbedded in the file just like it does with Solidworks files by default?

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Hi friend, good afternoon:

I was checking your issue, and I was thinking if you save the file as a .step model, or in iges I've used before that extension when I converted from catia to solidworks, maybe that form can usefully for you, or another guy maybe can reccomended something else.

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I don't have CATIA but have requested the supplier to save as STEP, Hopefully this works

EDIT: I won't get a reply until next week.
I did manage to open the files on a laptop that does have CATIA on. Unless i'm missing something, It looks like the model doesn't have any features that would make up the teeth profile.

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