Catia V5 light symbols missing

I did something, and the light symbols (the small cylinders) in the dialog boxes like scene editor for photo studio easy tools, and view-->lightning... are gone. I see only the blue globe, and the irradiation of lights on the globe, so the light(s) are on, I can change whether to use one or two etc. lights, but the symbols are missing, so I can't modify the directions.

Any help to get them back would be appreciated!

Picture attached, there are no light symbols..


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2 Answers

hello NG,
You should delete CATSettings file when CATIA is closed. Restart CATIA again then light symbol will appear again.

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I couldn't access application data folder, but then I reseted the general tab settings in tools--options, not even the whole thing, and the little bastards showed up instantly.

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