Catia V5: Mirror operation produces warning: Tangent configurations have been created during boolean operation. Can someone explain please


after doing a mirror operation on a multipad I get the following error message:

"Tangent configurations have been created during boolean operation. Tangent configurations may reveal unprecise contact between bodies. Check bodies design"

What does this warning message mean? Why does this happen.

Here is the context:
Catia V5: Part design
I was trying to mirror a multipad (which was sketched on a plane of the body) I get the following feature definition error:

"The selected feature can't be transformed. Current Solid will be transformed" I hit okay, the operation works fine but I get the warning that I've talked about.

My guess is that the body (being symmetrical), when mirrored has parts that overlap. These parts are then combined through a Boolean operation (and because they overlap this causes the warning).
Is this correct? If not then what is the problem?

Also can you tell me why I wasn't able to mirror the multipad?

If you need additional info or pictures please tell me

I've tried googling I only came up with this page which didn't help (also in a different language)

Thank you
I am a bit new to Catia

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1 Answer

could you please attach a picture of your part, with the error message. include the expanded tree structure (so we can see what type of geometry you're working with)

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