Catia V5 R6 2017 how convert save in other version

Hello, I have the V5 R6 2017 and I want to know how to convert part and product save into an older version, I need to do this because I have friends who have older versions like r20 and they do not open the parts sent by me, is there a hint to do this, or a setting to work in what version do I want?

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use STEP or STL or IGES format first is better

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There is a utility program in CATIA called Downward Compatibility that will convert CATPart files to an earlier release.

You can find more info here:

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Hey there,
i have the same issue here.
The problem is that i can open my project only in .stp-files in CATIA V5 2017. The Project is constructed in CREO Elements. (Don't ask...)
My customer needs the files in R2016, so he can't open my files.
The DownwardCompatibilityUtilility can only convert CATIA-Bodys or Solids afaik.
When i open the .stp-file, i only geht surfaces in CATIA and i can't find a way to get them into a Solid. Close Surface doesn't work. The surfaces are too complicated.
That means i can't convert them, since only Solids can be converted to earlier versions. The inly way i could think of is to convert the surfaces into CATIA V4 .model files, which is not ideal at all.
Isn't there any way to get a CATIA V5-6 R2017 SURFACE Part (without Solids)
into a R2017 Part?
Sometimes i can't believe we live in the 21th century... :D

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