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Catia V5- Simulation and multi mechanisms

By richardphat on 21 Mar 04:57 1 answer 4848 views 0 comments

Hello there, I have several mechanisms in which I wish to simulate them simultaneously. I am having trouble to get to that result. I managed however to do so, by inserting frame by frame. I believe that is probably the worse method especially with that amount of interpolation step.

I have failed to do the automatic insert, since I end up having the mechanism overwriting each other, which is not I want.

The attached pictures might give you a better idea about what I am describing.
You can see the mechanisms I wish to insert all at once.


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  • 8a6f573c
    8a6f573c about 4 years ago

    I may have a solution, again, maybe not the best, but it will do what you want. The only problem is if you have simulations of a camera movement, you will not be able to do render (at least I did not manage to do it), if you want to do that at all. In DMU Kinematics locate toolbar called "DMU Generic Simulation", and next to the "Simulation" tool there is tool "Simulation Player" there is another tool beneath that called "Edit Sequence". When you open that tool, you will see on left side of the window all of your mechanisms. With green arrow, move them to the right side of the window. This should be it. You can play little with provided option there (merge up, merge down, action delay....)

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