Catia V5 Thicken surface no assembly


I am trying to get a solid from a surface with thick surface and apply constraints in assembly workbench. The problem is that those constraints are not allowed.

1- I revolve an edge around an axis and then I apply thick surface. Now I can apply constraints. (The pictures upside)

2- I make 4 sketches. Blend, blend, blend, Healing + join + thick surface
Now I can't apply any constraint in assembly workbench

What is the problem with the second option?

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4 Answers

Blend is not mathematicaly circle or cylinder.

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Good morning özgür kesebir,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I don`t understand really good. If I apply blend between those two circles, what I am building with blend? Am I not building a surface with circular form?

But then I can not use it with thicken surface in assembly?

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Yeap you are correct. Blend and multisectionsurfaceturns surface Curvature mathematic. You must use Extrude for creating cylindirical surfaces with axis.

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