Catia V5 tollbars and background for beginners to start

Hi All,

I am learning catia v5. I have some issues with tool bars setup and background.I am not able to switch off the grid in the background.In sketch tools I couldnt turn off the grid. Also the tool bars are not getting closed they become small box when i close.I have attached the image of my catia v5 screen please guide me restore it with tool bars side tree view in top. Sorry I couldnt find any answers for this. Though it is simple one it will be helpful for people who learning by own like me

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That looks like the P3 interface, which you probably do not want to use. Most CATIA users use the P2 interface.

To change to P2:
Exit out of CATIA
Go to Start > Programs > CATIA > Tools
Settings Management V5R21
and choose P2

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you said: "But i couldnt see the top side tool bars"

Did you start a new file, or open an existing one?

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