CatiaV5 vs Split and Save Bodies in Solidworks

Today i found out that in Solidowrks there is the possibility to Split and Save Bodies

Sometimes I make complex 3D models in a single *.catpart and then need to redraw it to make an assembly (it is importent to make detailed production drawings - and a waste of my time).

So Is this split and save body feature possible to do in CatiaV5?

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5 Answers

both surface and part desing there is solutions with some featues. In surface design search disassamble. And for part design check body features like add, assemble etc.

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@özgür kesebir
Thank you for answering but unless I missunderstood you there is no possibility to perform boolean operations on a solid body. Or i don't know how to do it.

I preperade a simmple file to test it. An tried to do this for solidworks as in this tutorial SIMPLE!
But i can't find anything usefull for Catia.

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you can not do it catia directly. but i can give you advise to make similar thing in easy way.

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Please do tell. I would like to have this knowledge!

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Add new body from Insert. Create larger cube solid volume than your model in new body. use bolean operation and ıntersect it. Then use split for both solid seperatly and change direction for each. I haven't tried it just speak from mind.

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