Closing shape in Autocad while maintaining length of lines

I am designing steps for a stairway inside my house. Each step is different and I have all critical measurements. The problem is that I can't seem to find a way to close the shape without having to scale! I have tried to use the align function but without success... If someone has a clue, I would be most grateful for the help! Thank you. Patrick

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Patrick I was Looking at your question about your steps but I am not clear on what your asking exactly. You say you can not close the shape but when i view your file i see only 4 lines that are not connected. if this is the shape of the stair you need to offset by the material thickness, do a poly edit join, then extrude. If your trying to connect the long bottom line to the short vertical line a simple rotate command should work. select the long line, right click rotate, click the right end point, choose reference (hit "R" then enter) click the right end point then the left end point, and finally click the lower end point of the vertical line. if this is not what your attempting then more detail about your problem may be required. This is how the file shows up when i open it.

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