Closing Surface Body (Made from STL Mesh) to Create Solid Body

Hello guys,

I've been trying to do this and even following some tutorials here, youtube, and can't really figure this out.

So, I have this CAD of a Halo. Originlly it was a Mesh file from .STL which I converted to Surface Body and saved as .part

What I need to do is: Create a solid and closed body & also have the 3 feet flatened (i mean, cutting it paralel with the axis).

I tried to extrude, and then intersect, I tryed a lot of tools, I tried to fill it with Surface Creating, and none of them worked!

I attached the file, if you could please help me to say how you do it, i would gladly appreciate it!

Thank you so much!

P.S. For those wondering, this is for a Dissertation project involving CFD Analysis of the impact of a Halo in a Formula One car

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A STEP file of the patched and solidified model is attached. The patches are not flat, but it sounds like you planned to trim them off anyway.
The patching was done in SW2017, so your 2016 version would not re-open my file, so I uploaded a step file.

Fixing was pretty straight forward.
- Surface-fill
- Select open loop, Clean up edges, Merge result
Repeat three times
For the final fill, enable the Make Solid option.

Boundary surface might also work well.
Planar surface can work, but it has to be planar to work. Since these are being trimmed off, it seemed like a non-planar fill would be acceptable.

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Well, since I don't want to write up a new topic and is related to this.

Is there any way I can "soften" the shape of it, so instead of 4000 faces straight, I end up with much less round surfaces?

I tried a soften tool within the .STL fine but nothing was soften

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I'm happy to hear it worked out well.
STL files are only made up of triangles. Getting a smoother shape is possible, but it will mean have thousands of more faces to deal with.
SOLIDWORKS used to die with about 10,000 facets, but I think that number was increased recently.

Some STL editing software will be better at smoothing than others.
If you have the original STL file, and it is not already too faceted, I can see if I can convert it into a cleaner NURBS surface/solid. It should be smoother without all of the flat facets, but that really depends on the mesh data.

The best way to get a clean model is to recreate it in SOLIDWORKS. The good news is that the model looks symmetric, so only half needs to be made, but it would still take a bit of effort to cleanly match the desired shape.

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Well, it only have 4000 triangles.

Here's the file attached! If there's something quick and easy to do, please teach me and I'll do it! If the only way is to draw from scratch around it, never mind, I dont want to give you that work, also because I think I can do CFD with this, it would be just to make it a little bit easier.

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This file is "smoother", but I can't guarantee it is "better" than the faceted version.
Give it a try and see if it will work for your application.

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Yeah man that definately worked!

I had the same solution as you once, but because the surface was all twitchy and very strange, I think I was doing something bad!

Yeah, with you file I just needed to a straight Extruded Cut and the faces are now plane!

Thank you very much! This was properly quick!

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