Communication language English.

Dear all.

I have a suggestion for all you engineers.
Perhaps it is a good idea if everybody starts communicating in English.
Than it is clear to everyone what your are trying to say, when uploading or commenting.
I myself am Dutch, and if i do my commenting in Dutch it would be abracadrabra to you all, english...everybody all over the world can understand me.
But if I see an comment in portugese, spanish, arabic, or whatever beautifull laguages there are, it's abracadabra to me...
I can understand everybody is proud of his native tong, but please, think of the rest of the world...
I think all yous engineers have a least a basic knowledge of English so please let start communication in the same language, this will make thinks much more easy and interesting...



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English is the nearest thing we have to an international language (I doubt that anyone wants to communicate in Esperanto). I use Google Translate but this software sometimes does not give good results . Perhaps people could use the software before they upload the comment, that way you can check to see if it looks OK (assuming that you have at least a little English) And maybe give it in both languages. Also, if the title of the model is not in English, and someone searches for it using an English word, the search facility won't find it.

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