Compare Catia V5 p1 and Solidworks basic construction features, compatibility, price

Today we work only with Catia v5 in the company, and we do need to keep some licences. I just wanted to know in how far is Solidworks a (cheaper?) software to replace some licenses of basic Catia V5 p1 only used for mechanical construction/design. Is Solidworks compatible somehow to open/work on Catpart and catproduct .catdrawing files and save back to a catia file format?
what is approx the price difference for 1 basic licence catia to solidworks?( part construction, products and drawing) or is there some converter module between catia and solidworks since it is the same company now?


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Hi Marc,
You are right, both software have developed by Dassault. But inside the coding they are different. For geometric modeling kernel, Solidworks is using "Parasolid" but CATIA is using "CGM". For both software drawings are linked to solid model (3D). So you can not compatible from catia to solidworks for drawings. I am not sure for solid (3d), but i guess for 3d is the same condition (no direct compatible).
If you just using construction, replacing some licences with solidworks will be save money. Because Solidworks also powerfull software and it is faster than CATIA for construction. But i dont know the price, you must ask that your software distributor.
I hope my thoughts helped.

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