Compressed Air Trike

Hi everyone!
I'm developing a prototype trike powered by compressed air.
I'm thinking to use a bicicle transmission to change speeds and power the rear wheel.
In your opinion, what is the best type of motor to use, vane or cilinders?

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Hi Mauricio,
I think on this topic these days. Compressed air can be very usefull. But the trouble is that, you need too much compressed air even for a short distance. Air tanks can be dangerous. And you have to carry it with you. This is the another problem. And When I look at the energy calculations I saw that compression engines are not efficient. With cylinder ones more efficently then others.
Are you sure about the production? You need hight pressure-resistant tank firstly. The standard ones will not be enough. They are too huge. And the Compressor engine have to be douple-side.

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My objective is to make it to run about 20 or 30 Km w/ full tank.
The tank will be recharged by 1 or 2 mini air compressor w/ 250psi max.
I want to use it to go from home to work and work to home only. (about 8Km each)

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