connection between two shafts.

I am on a project of air-compressor. My project is to make the motor working constantly and to engage and disengage the reciprocating engine based on pressure. So which type of arrangement is best suited for these purpose??????

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See this video this is a starter motor used to start cars and then after the car starts the motor disengages. In this video there is a start button which is used to activate a solenoid. Now as per your requirements you need to disengage the motor when the compressor reaches a particular pressure. for that you can use a pressure sensor and a pressure switch. Install the pressure sensor in the compressor and instead of the start button in the video use the pressure switch there. so that when the compressor pressure reaches your desired value the sensor sends the signal to the pressure switch and it disengages the motor.
Note: you have to do this in the reverse. ie the solenoid should be powered always and the motor runs continuously and only when the pressure reaches a particular value the pressure switch should disengage the motor. the inverse working of the video... i hope you understand. if u have any more clarifications feel free to ask me....

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