Constraints in CATIA

In Assembly Design of CATIA what is the difference between fully constrained and partially constrained??? And how can we find whether the product is fully constrained???

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to see whether the model is fully constrained, do a explode after a update it must return in its original condition.
A fully constrained model is an model with 0 DOF (drgrees of freedom).
When your model have to mutch parts, then it is really hard ot impossible to fully constrain it with the usual way of assambly.

Buth there is a way to do it easy, I can make a tutorial for you if you want.

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Hi Dude,

There is an option to find whether the product is Fully constrain or not.

Go to Analyze -> Constraints -> There you can find the details of your product constrains

I hope this will help you.


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