Contract work to convert stl to step file

I was wondering if there is anyone here who can or knows someone who can convert my stl scan files into a solid step files? The scans are not perfect and are broken. I can provide a sample file to anyone who is interested and capable. My company does not have the resources to convert the files but is willing to contract the work out to someone who can. The file will be used to machine from so accuracy is important. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello FredSWUG

I would need it done the first way you described. All the files will be die form blocks which need to be accurately machined on CNC so toleranced as closely to scan as possible. I've attached a sample file. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

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Hi Mike, you can get Solid STEP file from STL from attachment with Geomagic design x. That is reverse engineering and you can get all features from scanned data. I open your file and part is pretty simple but you have some surface witch is little complex but it is solvable. If you want I can do that for you, I have so many experience with reverse engineering.

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As CadProduct mentioned, 90% of the model is not too bad to work with, but the remaining 10% is likely going to eat up 90% of the effort put into the project.
I've uploaded a model which is missing the rather freeform/ deformed portion.
It might be possible to try and recreate that section in SOLIDWORKS, but I can't do it tonight.

Maybe this will work as a head start if someone else has time to edit the model this evening?

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Can you define what you need from the STEP file?
Converting an STL to a STEP can be done two ways:
- The time consuming way is to remake a CAD model which very closely matches the scan data. This give a great looking model with very clean features and excellent model topology.
- The quicker way is to wrap a surface over the mesh in a mostly automated way. This is faster, but the model's topology will be made up of many individual surfaces which match the shape, but are difficult to use for work like machining or analysis.

Examples of what I am describing are here:
STL to NURBS - Reverse Engineer Scan Data

I'm happy to look at the data set and see if I can complete the project.

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