Convert a .JT File to something Useful.

Hi everyone.

I have aquired a .JT File of a Truck Cabin. May I assume it is ok to post here? As I downloaded it directly from the Manufacturers own website. (Without the need for a login.)
It is simply provided as a visual aid to assist a body-builder./designer demonstrate equipment fit behind the cabin.
I post here in the hope that someone here will have appropriate software to convert this file into a .step, .iges, Parasolid, etc. Anything that solidworks (2014) can use.
Provided this request doesn't breach any propriety regulations, and assuming someone here is willing/able to convert it for me, I will (or will not) post the file upon reciept of a reply one way or another.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the reply mate. Although, I've spent several days now looking for a trial of this software (or something that will do something similar for me), and have so far had no luck.. It either costs (alot) or isn't suitable at all.
I really am now hoping someone here with siemens software or whatever else will achieve it), will kindly offer to convert a couple of files to step or iges for me..

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Siemens NX can open the JT format.
Its kind of native for NX.
When modeling in NX, for each model NX does generate its JT file as well.
After opening in NX, you can export to e.g. stp or stl
Siemens NX is not freeware unfortunately.

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You need Siemens PLM "Vismockup" software. You can export .jt file as .stp after opening it in vismockup.

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