Convert IGES/STEP and Catia to Solidworks

Anybody know how to convert IGES/STEP and Catia command to Solidworks? Because when i open IGES/STEP and Catia, it is all imported that any software in the market that can convert the command in to Solidworks??

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Just for reference, it's called 'Feature tree' not commands.
For STEP and IGES it's impossible to have it back unless you're willing to remodel it.
For Catia files, I think if you open them in SolidWorks directly it'll import the feature tree with it, not sure though.

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It is not possible. Just think, every feature of CATIA Must have the same feature in SW and the other way round. Both programs have to be equal but they are unique, even If there are similar features.

Sorry :-(

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